Support service statistics: 2011

The second in a regular series of posts, the most up-to-date statistics on our telephone and online depression support services are below. These cover December 2011, as well as preliminary statistics for the whole year. Full statistics will be available in our annual report later in the year.

Our services exist to provide extra support to anyone going through depression, as well as their families and loved ones. Going through depression can be a lonely experience, especially at Christmas, and we’re very grateful to the dedicated volunteers who provided that much-needed support over the holidays and throughout 2011.

As you can see, calls to our loCall helpline grew again in 2011, while our online support group service launched and the service saw big increases. While numbers alone will never tell the full story, it’s been heartening to see our online groups grow from just 2 per week at launch in January 2011 to about 15 per week from next week on.

  December 2011 2011 Total 2010 Total Change
loCall Helpline 1,629* calls answered 19,361* 14,987 +29.2%
Email support service 170 emails answered 2,412 1,299 +85.7%
Online support groups 27 groups run c. 300 n/a +100.0%

* Note: the original figures included here were 1,651 for December and 19,383 calls for the year.

Follow the links for more information on the Aware loCall helpline, the depression support groups we run all over Ireland, our email support service and our online support group service.

To support our work, check out our current Volunteering Opportunities or donate online today. A huge thank you as always to all our volunteers and supporters.

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