Aware is awarded the Investing in Volunteers Standard

Achievement coincides with 30th anniversary of national organisation


Aware, the national charity which provides support, education and information around depression, bipolar and related mood disorders has been awarded the Investing in Volunteers Quality Standard, the Irish and UK quality standard for organisations involving volunteers. Investing in Volunteers is delivered in the Republic of Ireland by Volunteer Ireland in partnership with Volunteer Now in Northern Ireland and aims to improve the quality of the volunteering experience for all volunteers and to recognise organisations who demonstrate their appreciation for the enormous contribution made by their volunteers.

Dominic Layden, Chief Executive Officer of Aware describes the importance of this award to the organisation: “Aware invests significantly in the training of its volunteers and we are very pleased that this investment has been recognised. All of the organisation’s support services are delivered by trained volunteers and there is no doubt that without this significant contribution, we simply could not reach the number of people we support each year. Now that Aware has been awarded this Standard, we hope that it will encourage many new volunteers to get involved in the organisation and ultimately help us to reach even more people who need our support.”

Aware was assessed on a range of best practice standards, including volunteer recruitment, training and ongoing support, and excelled in all aspects of working with its volunteers. Terri O’Brien, Quality and Programmes Manager with Volunteer Ireland said, “We are delighted to announce Aware‘s successful achievement of this Award. The organisation has demonstrated a real commitment to volunteering, and has proven that its volunteer management policies and procedures meet internationally recognised standards.”

Investing in Volunteers is unique in that it is the only standard that focuses on volunteers.  It is based on four areas of volunteer management: planning for volunteer involvement, recruiting volunteers, selecting and matching volunteers, and supporting and retaining volunteers.

Further information about upcoming volunteer opportunities will be posted here shortly and more information on the Investing in Volunteers Standard can be found on

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      Hi Avril, Aware will post on our homepage and social media channels when we will next recruit volunteers for our support services. Please check in with our sites later in June to learn about new opportunities.


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