Flagging the Blues – Irish Independent March 31st

What to do when someone you care about is reluctant to seek help?

You try to discuss it, but your concerns are so bluntly dismissed that you wonder how, if he won’t discuss the problem with you, will he ever talk to the doctor?

Overcoming a person’s unwillingness to seek help can be difficult, so it’s important to understand the reasons behind that reluctance, says Dr Barry. “There are two reasons why people with depression don’t come for help.

“The first is that depression makes us believe we’re worthless, and that we’re the only person suffering these symptoms, so there’s no point in seeking help.”

The second is shame: “Depression is a taboo subject. Many people with depression will tell you that depressed people are weak and that only weak people get depressed.”

They assume they’ll be judged and that those around them would consider them “weak”.

Read the full report Flagging the Blues by Ailin Quinlan in the Irish Independent March 31st detailing useful options on how to encourage your loved ones to access support.


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