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There are plently of ways that companies can contribute to Aware, some of which are listed here. Email us at to find out more.

Payroll Giving

Your company can become involved in Payroll Giving, making it easier for individuals to give to worthy causes like Aware. By becoming involved in the scheme, employees authorise their employer to make a regular charitable deduction from his/her pay. Employers can choose one charity or more to benefit from this initiative. Payroll Giving makes charitable donations much easier and also extends the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme.

Charity of the Year

Many companies choose a Charity of the Year each year in order to realise their Corporate Social Responsibility aims. This means the chosen charity benefits from all staff initiatives during that particular year. For instance, employees can become involved in fundraising activities, volunteering to help or else participating in fundraising efforts and raising funds through sponsorship. The company can partner the charity for the year, with the added benefit of being seen to be socially responsible.


If your company would like to sponsor a particular aspect of Aware’s work, please contact us now. There are many ways that you can work with us as a sponsor, and once we know your budget we can give you a list of options that you can choose from.

Tax-Efficient Giving

Aware can claim back the tax paid on donations of €250 or more made in any one year by individuals on PAYE. So if you make a donation of €250 to Aware this year, your donation is actually worth €362.32 to Aware. (we can claim an additional €112.32 on top of your donation of €250) You can make a one-off donation or alternatively, you can set up a standing order of €21 each month. See the Revenue website for more information or click here to print or download the relevant tax form. To make a one-off contribution online today, simply click on the online donation button above right.

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