Life Skills Group programme registration now open

The Aware Life Skills Group progamme is a free CBT based, educational programme offered to adults aged 18 and over. The programme contains six modules. Each module takes 90 minutes, one evening a week from 7.30pm – 9pm, over six weeks.

The Life Skills Group programme is not individual therapy: it is a programme which allows participants to learn some of the principles of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and apply them to their own life. The programme instructors are trained to encourage healthy boundaries of privacy among participants.

What is CBT?
CBT focuses on thinking and behaviour and has been shown to be an effective intervention for mild to moderate depression and/or anxiety. When a person is dealing with very stressful issues or beginning to develop symptoms of depression they are more vulnerable to filtering out positive experiences and focusing on unhelpful thoughts. This negative bias informs a person’s behaviour and can start to influence their decision making process at work, at home, or in relationships in an unhelpful way.

The principles of CBT illustrate interesting examples of common ‘ways we think’ and explores if ‘how we are thinking’ is helpful or not and if there is sufficient evidence to support our thoughts. It questions if we have over time mistaken our ‘thoughts’ for fact. This approach challenges habitual behaviour influenced by negative thoughts. The CBT approach can help us to make small, practical changes in areas of our life that we find difficult. Taking these small actions can improve our mood and also reduce some of the symptoms associated with depression, stress or anxiety.

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Online application is now open for the Life Skills Group Programme which will begin in September in counties: Dublin, Westmeath, Cork, Donegal, Galway, Kerry, Kildare, Limerick and Waterford.

Aware’s Life Skills Group programme is free however a refundable booking fee of €20 is in place in order to minimise the number of people applying for a place which they do not later take up and to ensure that people who really want to do the Life Skills programme actually have the opportunity to do so.

Please note that if you are a student, unemployed, an OAP, hold a medical card or are experiencing financial difficulty you do not have to pay the refundable booking fee. In this case please select the ‘exempt’ ticket option listed in the online form below.

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