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Month: March 2014
Speaker: Dr. Harry Barry, General Practitioner
Topic: Depression and the Three Ages of the Brain
Summary: This lecture will cover;

• A brief review of the normal adult brain
• What are the Three Ages of the Brain
• What is major depression (MDD)
• A brief review of its treatment
• Discussion on the difference in causes, presentation and treatment of MDD in each of the three ages of the brain.

2 Responses to “Listen or Watch Back to our March Lecture”

  1. Mary

    Thankyou for a very interesting and detailed lecture ‘Flagging Depression’.
    It has given me a greater understanding of the condition and reduced the stigma associated with it. As I have MD this has been a great help. Thankyou. Mary.

  2. aidan

    Very interesting and helpful. Brilliant insights that have taken me 25 years to gather and understand, summarized here in one presentation. The future is looking bright thanks to this kind of work. Thank you Dr Harry and thank you Aware.


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