Mindful Gnats – free app for young adults

Mindful Gnats is a free app designed to teach young people simple mindfulness and relaxation skills. These skills can help to reduce stress, and improve awareness of your body, mind and world. Download here>>

The app features eight short exercises

Mindfulness of Your Body

  • Relaxation: progressive muscle relaxation and visualisation to help the user relax and remove stress
  • Breathing: set and follow a breathing pace that is calming
  • Body Scan: mindful exercise that teaches awareness of different parts of the body

Mindfulness of Your Mind

  • Leaves on a Stream: an exercise about identifying thoughts and learning to let them go
  • What’s on Your Mind?: increasing awareness of the thoughts, feelings, and imaginings that pass through your mind
  • Mindful Seeing: a simple exercise designed to teach the user to look at things in different ways

Mindfulness of Your World

  • Mindfulness of Sound: helping non-judgemental awareness of sounds around us
  • What’s That?: become aware of familiar objects using all of 5 senses

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