New Website Layout

If you are a regular visitor to our site, you may notice some small changes to the layout from today! And if you are a brand new visitor, then hopefully these changes will make it easier to access the information you want.

After studying 2011 traffic and hits on the site, we decided to make these alterations in order to ensure that people find it easier to get to the content they need. We are confident that these changes will improve our visitors’ online experience and increase accessibility of key information.

In 2011, received a total of 417,498 visits, representing an 80% increase on 2010, with 298,039 unique visitors. To give you an example of how we are responding to visitor’s needs, we found that was visited by over 30,000 people who had performed Google searches for “signs” or “symptoms” of depression. As a result, we have created a new ‘Information on Depression’ button on our homepage and have added a new section entitled ‘Am I Depressed?’ in order to provide these visitors with easier access to the information they are seeking.

We will continue to strive to make our online services as productive and informative as possible for individuals who experience depression, a well as those who are concerned about a loved one. We hope you like the new layout. And remember, the more you spread the word about Aware’s work for individuals and families who are impacted by depression, the easier it will be for people to get help and to recover.

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