Newstalk Discussion on Depression

On yesterday’s Newstalk Breakfast Show, Agnes Rowley, a sufferer of depression, and Dr. Declan Lyons, Consultant Psychiatrist at St. Patrick’s University, discussed the many forms of depression and how it can be de-stigmatized. Newstalk received a huge reaction to the discussion, which you can listen to via the link below.

Listen here:

4 Responses to “Newstalk Discussion on Depression”

  1. Barbara Whelan

    Well done to Agnes Rowley! She spoke so well and was so respectful of everyones search for what works for them. I have been through depression and while psychotherapy was the greatest help then and it is the greatest protection I have against a reoccurrence, I did need to take medication for a while. There are side effects to medication, but there are side-effects to depression too. Now it is ‘meditation’ rather than ‘medication’ that is my greatest support in keeping well.Raising the issue of the workplace and depression was good too. And it was lovely to hear Dr Declan Lyons. So well done Aware!

  2. anne flynn

    I didn’t hear the radio programme yesterday but I was out in wit (waterford); it is mental health issues week. Alan Quinlan, former Ireland rugby player, spoke about his battle with depression, it was really good.

  3. Annette Byrne

    I have just listened to the discussion on the Newstalk Player, it was excellent.  Congratulation Agnes and Dr Lyons.


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