Monthly statistics for November 2011

Aware’s services exist to provide extra support to anyone going through depression, as well as their families and loves ones. Going through depression can be a lonely experience and we want people to know they are not alone.

Last month, our dedicated volunteers answered 1,795 calls on our loCall helpline, while the service replied to almost 200 emails (183) from people seeking support. Our online support group service continues to grow, with 45 groups held on during November. Meanwhile, face-to-face support groups took place in about 50 locations nationwide.

Follow the links for more information on the Aware loCall helpline, the depression support groups we run all over Ireland, our email support service and our online support group service.

To support our work, check out our current Volunteering Opportunities or donate online today. A huge thank you as always to all our volunteers and supporters.

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