Research Projects 2013






Research into the causes and effects of depression is an important part of our mission. Aware has identified 6 research opportunities for 2013. Some of the research requires volunteers, who will complete an online questionnaire or attend an interview. If you are interested in getting involved, take a look at the research options below. Each link will take you to more detailed project information and the contact details of each lead researcher.

Please email the project lead researcher directly if you wish to get involved.

Project 1:The Daily Biological and Psychological Experience of Living with Major Depression.

Project 2: Transition from Child and Adolescent to Adult Mental Health Services in Ireland. Exploring the Experiences of Young People and their Families.

Project 3: An Examination of the Factors that Contribute to Relationship Satisfaction in Older Adults.

Project 4: How Attending the Living Life to the Full Program Impacted on the Lives of the Participants.

Project 5: A Brief Evaluation of the ‘Beat the Blues’ Programme Presented to Secondary School Students.

Project 6: Details to be confirmed in March 2013

*Note that Aware is not carrying out, or paying for, the research: these are academic projects that we are publicising. This involves posting information to our website and making flyers available at our face-to-face support groups. Aware’s Clinical Director has reviewed the proposals and identified them as ethical and appropriate projects to support in this way.

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