Research: Cognition and Remission

Research into the causes and effects of depression and related illnesses is an important part of our mission and Aware has identified three opportunities in this area for 2012. One of the pieces of research that we are supporting from January 2012 is Cognition in Remitted Depression (Ana Jelovac, St. Patrick’s University Hospital).

The study aims to investigate memory function in people who have experienced depression in their life but who are currently well. We hope to determine whether there are differences in memory performance between people with a history of depression and those without. We are also interested in people’s subjective experience of depression and how it relates to memory. The study involves completing some straightforward depression assessments and memory tasks.

Note that we are not carrying out, or paying for, the research: this is an academic project that we are publicising. This involves posting information to our website and making fliers available at our face-to-face support groups. Aware’s Clinical Director has reviewed this proposal and identified it as an ethical and appropriate project to support in this way.

For more information, please visit or contact the research team at St. Patrick’s University Hospital (

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  1. Ellen Paterson

    I have suffered with depression most of my life, it is still with me, at different levels.  I am working as part of a rehabilitative context, part time.  I battle with it every day.  I agree that when I am having a rough time, my head is not good at remembering things.  Depression/Exhaustion are similar in how they make me feel.  So its hard to distinguish if it is my depression or am I really exhausted. Good luck with the rest of your research. Ellen

  2. BeatriceM

    Guys, I participated in this and have to say it’s well worth 2 hours of your time. If nothing else it’s a bit of fun and finding out more about your short term memory etc. Ana was super friendly and I can really only recommend Aware volunteers take part and help them out with the research.

    Looking forward to the results of the study.



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