Self Compassion in Recovery from Depression

Month: August 2015
Speakers: Dr Katie Baird, Senior Counselling Psychologist & Dr Jennifer Gibson, Senior Clinical Psychologist, St. Patrick’s Mental Health Services
Title: The Role of Self Compassion in Recovery from Depression
Summary: Dr. Katie Baird & Dr. Jennifer Gibson draw on the work of Professor Paul Gilbert to explain:

  • What self compassion is
  • How the brain works to keep us safe
  • How tricky it can be to manage the information the brain is giving us to keep us safe
  • The Three Circles Model of compassion focussed therapy which is made up of the drive system, the threat system and the soothe system
  • How to think about introducing more ‘balance’ with regard to time spent engaging with each system
  • Taking responsibility for what we pay attention to practising compassion for depression

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