Try the 5 Step Tutorial by Dr Claire Hayes

The Independent published a 5 step tutorial on managing stress and fostering positive mental health written by Dr Claire Hayes, Aware Clinical Director and Author

The articles were printed on dates from Saturday, November 19th to Thursday, November 24th, 2016

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Article 1: Slow down

Article 2: Notice

Article 3: Consider

Article 4: Decide

Article 5:  Act




2 Responses to “Try the 5 Step Tutorial by Dr Claire Hayes”

  1. Caitlín

    Dr. Claire,
    My Husband has suffered from 5 episodes of depression to date. Now he seems to be either bi-polar or manic, or a combination of both. Are there any support groups for me?
    Thank you,

    • admin

      Caitlín, thank you for reaching out, there are currently relative support groups in Dublin & Cork. The details can be found here.


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