Volunteers Needed for TCD based Research

If you are a Mental Health Service User and over 18 years of age, a research project based in Trinity College Dublin would like your input via an online survey. To find out more please read the research summary below.

Title: Exploring Mental Health Service Users experiences of stigma when seeking physical/medical care.
About: People with mental health problems often have physical health problems that go unnoticed. This may be because there is a tendency for health concerns to be confused with, or dismissed as, symptoms or experiences of mental ill health. This can make it difficult for people to report physical problems or get appropriate help as healthcare staff may see it as a mental health problem rather than a physical one.The specific objectives of the study are to:

  • To determine if people with mental health problems experience stigma when seeking or reporting physical/medical problems
  • To explore these experiences of stigma when seeking or reporting physical/medical problems
  • To examine the impact of stigma on help seeking behaviour

We are interested in individuals who identify themselves as Mental Heath Service Users, are over 18 years of age and consent to be involved in the study. The study is anonymous and confidential. It will be done using an online survey.
People interested in participating in the study and who meet the criteria above can access the online survey here.

Contact: If you are interested in participating in this study but would like more information, please contact Mr. Michael Nash, Assistant Professor in Psychiatric Nursing, Trinity College Dublin by email at: NASHMI@tcd.ie


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*Note that Aware is not carrying out, or paying for, the research: these are academic projects that we are publicising. This involves posting information to our website and making flyers available at our face-to-face support groups. Aware’s Clinical Director has reviewed the proposals and identified them as ethical and appropriate projects to support in this way.

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