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Board Committees

The board has for good governance established a number of committees whose members comprise board members. Staff, volunteers and interested parties may be co-opted to a committee where deemed appropriate. Each committee reports directly to the Board and meet several times during the year. The committees are as follows:

Clinical Committee

With responsibility for:

  • reviewing and recommending the organisation’s clinical strategy
  • reviewing and monitoring services to ensure they meet the highest clinical standards
  • reviewing, recommending and overseeing programmes of research
Finance and Remuneration Committee

With responsibility for:

  • monitoring and reviewing the financial performance of the company, including through review of the company’s financial policies, controls, budgets and accounts
  • reviewing remuneration policies, procedures and changes to remuneration
Services Committee

With responsibility for:

  • reviewing existing services
  • developing new services
  • monitoring progress in delivering on targets set for the year


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