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09 Oct

It is incredibly frustrating to have a feeling I cannot put words to

It's an unusually warm day for Ireland. My eyes have fallen to the windowsill, gazing blankly at a couple...
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08 Oct

I could only see darkness where there was light

I Might Not Have Recognised It Depression is sometimes known as ‘the silent killer,’ which I now understand....
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07 Oct

I needed help, I had to stop kidding myself

Nothing Was Ever The Same After Most of us experience even the mildest form of depression at some stage...
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06 Oct

I was convinced that I could never be good enough to fit in

Never Being Good Enough I remember feeling that I was different, bad, wrong, unacceptable when I was...
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05 Oct

Helpful tips for coping with depression

It is important that you don’t try to deal with depression or bipolar disorder all on your own. Reach...
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04 Oct

What is depression and how do I recognise it?

“Depression is a common condition, yet many people are unaware of the symptoms and the profound impact...
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24 Sep

NUI Galway Study on Bipolar Disorder

HRB Clinical Research Facility, Galway Áis Taighde Chliniciúil HRB, Gaillimh A team at NUI Galway are...
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20 Sep

Aware Mental Health Week

20 September 2021: We are delighted to announce that Aware Mental Health Week will take place...
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01 Sep

Volunteers Needed

01 September 2021 Have you ever considered volunteering? Volunteers needed in communities in Cork,...
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30 Aug

Free Education Programmes Open for Registration

30 August 2021 Two free programmes open today for registration, starting at the end of September 2021. Life...
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19 Aug

#ICU4U Memorial Cycle & Event

19 August 2021 Aware are proud to be charity partner for the #ICU4U Memorial Cycle & Event on...
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25 Jun

A developing resilience

Our individual and collective responses to adversity, which we all experience in different ways, is often...
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