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30 Jan

Register for Aware's Harbour2Harbour Walk!

The 16th annual Aware Harbour2Harbour Walk takes place this St Patrick’s Day, Friday 17th March 2023!...
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09 Sep

The Importance of Early Intervention

UCD researchers have found schizophrenia and bipolar disorder are serious mental illnesses that affect...
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24 Jan

Participants wanted: UCD research on cancer care & mental health

Would you like to contribute to the improvement of future cancer care for patients with significant mental...
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10 Jan

Free Education Programmes Open for Registration

10 January 2022 Three free programmes open today for registration, starting at the beginning of February...
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09 Oct

It is incredibly frustrating to have a feeling I cannot put words to

It’s an unusually warm day for Ireland. My eyes have fallen to the windowsill, gazing blankly at...
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08 Oct

I could only see darkness where there was light

I Might Not Have Recognised It Depression is sometimes known as ‘the silent killer,’ which I now understand....
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07 Oct

I needed help, I had to stop kidding myself

Nothing Was Ever The Same After Most of us experience even the mildest form of depression at some stage...
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06 Oct

I was convinced that I could never be good enough to fit in

Never Being Good Enough I remember feeling that I was different, bad, wrong, unacceptable when I was...
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05 Oct

Helpful tips for coping with depression

It is important that you don’t try to deal with depression or bipolar disorder all on your own. Reach...
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04 Oct

What is depression and how do I recognise it?

“Depression is a common condition, yet many people are unaware of the symptoms and the profound impact...
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24 Sep

NUI Galway Study on Bipolar Disorder

HRB Clinical Research Facility, Galway Áis Taighde Chliniciúil HRB, Gaillimh A team at NUI Galway are...
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20 Sep

Aware Mental Health Week

20 September 2021: We are delighted to announce that Aware Mental Health Week will take place from Monday...
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01 Sep

Volunteers Needed

01 September 2021 Have you ever considered volunteering? Volunteers needed in communities in Cork, Dublin,...
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30 Aug

Free Education Programmes Open for Registration

30 August 2021 Two free programmes open today for registration, starting at the end of September 2021....
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19 Aug

#ICU4U Memorial Cycle & Event

19 August 2021 Aware are proud to be charity partner for the #ICU4U Memorial Cycle & Event on 2-3...
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25 Jun

A developing resilience

Our individual and collective responses to adversity, which we all experience in different ways, is often...
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04 Jun

Thinking about grief, depression and other mood related conditions

“Meeting ourselves and allowing ourselves to be met” Considering some of the important links between...
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29 Apr

Living with grief

It has been said that “each person’s grief is as unique as their fingerprint” (David Kessler)....
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01 Apr

Thank you to the Stars of the Sea

A group of novice sea dippers who swim off the South Wall, near the Poolbeg chimneys took on the #Jerusalemachallenge in...
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29 Mar

Living openly with bipolar disorder

I feel so fortunate to have been a part of Aware’s webinar on Living Well with Bipolar at the beginning...
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29 Mar

World Bipolar Day 2021

Tuesday 30th March will mark World Bipolar Day 2021. Please see below as we highlight some resources...
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19 Mar

Living well with bipolar disorder

To start, how do we think about bipolar disorder? It is a severe and persistent mood disorder, which...
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12 Mar

Niamh shares her experience with her mental health & volunteering with Aware

Niamh McKenna was on with Jennifer Zamparelli on 2FM this week. She shared her experience of depression...
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11 Mar

Ahead of World Bipolar Day, Aware releases webinar highlighting bipolar disorder

In honour of World Bipolar Day this 30th of March, Aware’s webinar this month was on the topic...
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01 Feb

Day in the life: Working from home

Oh how life has changed in a year. Pre-COVID-19 I would have worked in an office, delivered face to face...
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05 Feb

From the boardroom to the kitchen table, surviving the evolution of the workplace

The way we have been working for some time now, has been changing. The biggest car, hotel and publishing...
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11 Feb

Pluralsight donate €7,269 to Aware with staff initiative

In January Pluralsight staff raised funds for Aware to honour a friend and colleague they lost in an...
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05 Feb

Christmas coffee sales result in €63,000 donation to Aware

Sales of coffee in the lead up and during Christmas have resulted in a huge donation for mental health...
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27 Jan

What do you think when you see the words ‘mental illness’?

I had my first manic episode in 2013 and was an involuntary admission as I didn’t realise I was ill....
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22 Jan

Aware Director of Services is on See Change’s new podcast

See Change Sessions is a new podcast hosted by Mental Health Advocate and See Change Ambassador, Abigail...
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14 Jan

Taking good care of yourself in these uncertain times

For many, the hope sparked at the dawn of a new year, the planning, aspirations and wishes we cultivate...
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11 Dec

New Corporate Partner - Mercury

Aware is delighted to announce its Mercury as a new corporate partner. As part of this partnership, Mercury...
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01 Jan

Christmas dinner with Michelin star potential

Michelin star chef, Oliver Dunne, shares some recipes to bring your Christmas dinner to the next level....
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04 Dec

Virtual Programme for Mental Wellbeing

Free Life Skills Virtual programmes starting in November, register now.
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26 Nov

Mind your Language, Mind your Mental Health

As we continue in Level Five of the National Framework for living with Covid-19, minding our mental health...
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28 Oct

Thank you Kevin O’Keeffe

Kevin took on a 100 day challenge in aid of Aware
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24 Sep

The Faces of Aware

We would like to highlight some of the Faces of Aware. Did you know the organisation was founded by Dr...
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01 Jul

A Message to Aware’s Volunteers

In my role I have the privilege of working closely with people who have taken the step forward to volunteer....
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09 Jul

No Health Without Mental Health

According to the World Health Organisation, “health is a state of complete physical, mental and social...
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09 Apr

Minding Your Sleep During Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic creates a host of new problems for those already suffering from insomnia and for...
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18 Nov

My Experience of Dysphoric Elation

I would like to share my experience of ‘dysphoric’ or ‘unpleasant’ elation, as it can be vital to the...
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