Aware Lectures & Webinars

Monthly webinars featuring expert speakers on a range of topics connected to mental health. Originally the Aware Lecture Series took place in person in Dublin, now the Aware Webinar Series take place online, meaning you can log in from anywhere in the country and watch live. Scroll down to register for an upcoming webinar or to watch back our past releases.

Popular Lectures from Aware

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Embracing Borderline Personality Disorder

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Bipolar Disorder: what it is & what to do

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Why perfectionists become depressed

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Alcohol & Depression

Additional Lectures from Aware

To listen to further lectures from Aware, please click on a playlist below for a selection of videos or scroll down to view our most recent uploads.


09 Jun

Upcoming Aware Webinars

Find out about, and register for, upcoming webinars on a range of topics connected to mental health.
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13 Jul

Perinatal Mental Health Webinar

This webinar Perinatal Mental Health discusses all different types of mental health difficulties women...
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08 Jun

Mental Health in the LGBTI+ Community

This webinar Mental Health in the LGBTI+ Community looks at the complexity and unique challenges the...
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17 Aug

Beyond trauma: A space to heal and grow

This webinar Beyond trauma: A space to heal and grow focusses on early life trauma including adult survivors...
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11 May

Issues concerning young people, focusing on mental health

This webinar Issues concerning young people, focusing on mental health looks at key concerns for young...
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13 Apr

The link between social anxiety and depression

Looking at the the link between the two, how to recognise social anxiety & steps to address it.
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09 Mar

Living Well With Bipolar Disorder

This month’s webinar is on the theme of bipolar disorder in honour of World Bipolar Day on Wednesday...
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09 Feb

How depression and bipolar disorder can impact on relationship challenges

Looking at relationships and the challenges that can sometimes arise due to the impact of depression...
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12 Jan

Nutrition & Nurturing Mental Health

Focusing on on the particular nutrients that can positively impact our wellbeing.
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08 Dec

Shining a light on depression in winter

This webinar discusses depression in the winter months and touches on Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)...
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10 Nov

In conversation: Young adults, mental health & resilience

Mental health and resilience amongst young adults in the last 18 months or so, including some helpful...
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06 Oct

Coping with Depression

Looks at at what are some helpful steps and resources available if we are experiencing depression.
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