A conversation with men about men’s health

09 Jun 2021

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In honour of Men’s Health Week (14 – 20 June) the focus was on men and their mental health.

Joey Carbery and Keith Walsh join Aware’s Stephen McBride to have an open discussion about men’s mental health and the associated stigma men can often feel, the perception that they need to be ‘strong’ and keep it together.

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  • Keith Walsh is a presenter, broadcaster, MC, podcaster and mental health advocate. Keith has been open about his own mental health journey to date and he has turned his love of drawing cards into an exercise to encourage reflection and mindfulness with adults and kids alike. He also has a weekly podcasts where he has open conversations with his guests about their life, successes, failures, the good times and the bad.
  • Joey Carbery is a Munster and Ireland rugby player. Born in New Zealand, Joey moved to Ireland when he was 11. He made his senior competitive debut for Leinster in 2016, subsequently joining the Munster squad in 2018. Joey will share insights on the importance of resilience in sport, particularly in relation to his recent personal experience with an injury that kept him out of the game for over a year.
  • Stephen McBride is Director of Services at Aware. He is passionate about the development and delivery of excellent support, education and information services for people experiencing depression, bipolar disorder and other mood related conditions. Stephen is a chartered counselling psychologist and group psychotherapist.

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