The impact of alcohol on our mental health

14 Sep 2022

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This webinar The impact of alcohol on our mental health looks at developing awareness of our level of alcohol consumption. Media coverage of alcohol misuse, often only shows the extreme examples only, which can then influence our opinion of addiction. People who experience mental health difficulties may find that alcohol can impact on mood, health, sleep and medication. Alcohol consumption can lead to distance created from loved ones, whereas recovery in alcohol is rooted in connection. The webinar touches on the likelihood of alcohol dependence, early exposure to alcohol misuse, how parents can support their children, how we process alcohol in our bodies and how we address concerns we might have for a loved one.


  • Stephen RowenAddiction Therapist, Facilitator & Lecturer
  • Stephen McBride, Director of Services at Aware and Chartered Counselling Psychologist & Group Psychotherapist

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