Mindfulness: What is it and how can it help?

09 Nov 2022

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This webinar Mindfulness: What is it and how can it help? starts with a short mindfulness exercise, to set the scene for what mindfulness is. Padraig breaks down the steps he took in the exercise to help us better understand how to integrate mindfulness into our everyday lives. This webinar discusses the benefits of mindfulness and ways we can be mindful day-to-day. It also looks at the impact that rumination can have on us, and how mindfulness can help us combat it. It discusses how as humans we are almost designed to criticise ourselves, mindfulness can aid us in becoming more kind and compassionate towards ourselves.


  • Padraig O’MorainMindfulness Teacher & Author
  • Stephen McBride, Director of Services at Aware and Chartered Counselling Psychologist & Group Psychotherapist

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