Perinatal Mental Health Webinar

13 Jul 2022

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This webinar Perinatal Mental Health discusses all different types of mental health difficulties women experienced from conceiving, hyperemesis (morning sickness), pregnancy, breastfeeding to expectations of giving birth right through to one year postnatal including miscarriage.  Dr Jillian Doyle shares her knowledge and insights around Perinatal mental health for parents/becoming a parent who maybe have a diagnosis of depression or bipolar disorder or another mood related condition.  Her team in the Rotunda offer group interventions for mothers and provide various types of wellbeing support.

A helpful quote mentioned, “The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never.” – Osho

There are many first steps and options available to begin early interventions and coping processes, please refer to the resources below if you wish to find out more.


  • Dr Jillian Doyle, Senior Clinical Psychologist, Rotunda Hospital
  • Stephen McBride, Director of Services at Aware and Chartered Counselling Psychologist & Group Psychotherapist

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Resources mentioned in Perinatal Mental Health Webinar


Mental Health – Rotunda

Hypnobirthing Courses – Rotunda



What are Perinatal Mental Health Services?

Mental Health in Pregnancy (

post-birth-wellbeing-plan.pdf (

The Compassionate Mind Approach to Postnatal Depression by Michelle Cree, Robinson (2015)


Local Contacts

  1. Public Health Nurse
  2. Early Learning Initiative Groups
  3. Local Baby Massage Groups
  4. Perinatal Mental Health Service in the Community
  5. Peanut App (not a mental health app but a good forum for mothers)


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