Developing Resilience & Coping Skills Within the Context of Covid-19

25 Nov 2020

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This webinar looks at our collective and individual response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Nadine Ferris France is the Executive Director of Irish Global Health Network, Founder of the NGO Beyond Stigma and Practioner of Inquiry-based Stress Reduction. Living and working in Africa and Asia for over 20 years and back in Ireland 10 years. Works on global health – issues related to HIV, gender-based violence, mental health, self-stigma and shame.

Dr Keith Gaynor is Assistant Professor in Clinical Psychology in UCD and a Senior Clinical Psychologist in St John of God Hospital, Dublin. He has written widely in academic journals on the topic of CBT and is a regular contributor to the Irish media on issues of mental health. He has written a book titled “Protecting Mental Health”.

Dr Claire Hayes, Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Director at Aware has almost 40 years of experience and training in the areas of stress, coping, prevention and resilience. In addition to her work with Aware, Claire has a successful consultancy practice in helping people of all ages understand and manage a range of challenges including anxiety, bullying, chronic illness and/or depression.

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