What have I already tried?

Before we make some suggestions in terms of answering how you can help someone you care about feel better, we invite you to have a look at the tool below – reviewing what I have already tried. This contains some actions that people who care about someone who has depression or bipolar disorder tend to do. You may have already tried one or more of them yourself.

We suggest you read each action, note if you have tried it and whether it works ‘always’, ‘sometimes’ or ‘never’. This will help clarify what you have already tried to help the person you care about to feel better. Please note that all actions listed are not necessarily helpful or recommended. There is space at the end of the table for you to note other actions that you have already tried, which may not be on the list already.

Reviewing what I have already tried

Look at actions you have already taken and decide whether or not they are helpful.

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Supporting a person with
depression or bipolar disorder


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