Working From Home

Whether you are new to working from home or have been doing it for some time. It can be helpful to take some steps to look after your mental health whilst working and living in the same space. It will of course be difficult if you are balancing childcare at the same time. Try and enlist the support of the people you live with where possible.

You may be used to getting up and leaving the house to go to work, so there will likely be an adjustment period. We have some suggestions which you may find useful when it comes to looking after your mental health when working from home:

  • Try and have a dedicated office space to allow yourself get into “work mode” when you are positioned there, with any supplies you might need
  • Maintaining some of your usual routine, such as showering and get dressed before starting work, can help you settle into your new routine
  • Maintain a schedule as best you can; have a set start time and a set finish time
  • “Commute” to your desk, so go for a walk before your day starts and as it ends, this may help you separate work-time from home-time; waking you up in the morning and helping you wind down in the evening
  • Let everyone in your home know your plan, so they can do their best to not interrupt you
  • Schedule breaks and use them. It can be helpful to get up from your screen, get some fresh air, do some stretches, go for a walk if you can
  • If you find yourself missing the social elements, schedule a five-minute catch up with a colleague each day
  • When the work day is due to finish, make sure to log-out and step away. With your work now in your home, there is a danger work time will spill into your leisure time.

If your circumstances allow it, you can try and use the time you are saving from commuting to do some relaxation techniques, read a book or perhaps some stretching.

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