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Life Skills for Schools

About Life Skills for Schools

Our Life Skills for Schools Programme is a free educational programme offered to students aged 15-18, designed to help young people learn new ways to deal with challenges in life. Our programme uses an approach based on the principles of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) which focuses on thinking and behaviour.

Our programme contains eight modules delivered over four weeks in 75 minute sessions. This gives students time to reflect on the key learning point each week and time to experiment with the ‘new ways of thinking’ presented. The weekly schedule also allows time for students to raise any questions they might have with their programme instructor.

This programme will help students to:

  • Understand the interaction between thoughts, feelings and behaviour
  • Recognise unhelpful thinking styles and learn how they might change them
  • Build inner confidence and foster positive thinking
  • Learn how to manage anger and irritability
  • Identify unhelpful behaviours and learn how to make small, practical changes
  • Understand how to break a problem down into manageable steps, make a plan and put it into action
  • Improve wellbeing by making small, easy changes to their lifestyles
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If you are a teacher of senior cycle students and would like to request this free programme please apply here

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