Nicole Owens

Dublin GAA Player

As part of Aware’s resilience series, Dublin GAA Player, Nicole Owens, talks about growing up, coming to terms with her sexualilty, her passion for sport and the tools she uses to look after her mental health.

“I started playing GAA when I was five. Loved it, so I played ever since, so it’s been about twenty years now. I would have been quite an insecure shy teenager, definitely I had a bit of social anxiety and struggled to come to terms with myself and at the same time I was coming to terms with my sexuality, so I was hiding that whole side of myself, from myself even, and then that was kinda was impacting on friendships and everyone is growing up, especially when you’re a fifteen or sixteen year old teenager. My main thing was I wanted to fit in.”

You can watch this video with Nicole Owens on Aware’s YouTube channel too.

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