World Bipolar Day 2021

Tuesday 30th March will mark World Bipolar Day 2021.

Please see below as we highlight some resources available from Aware for anyone who experiences Bipolar Disorder, as well as their loved ones.

Webinar: Living well with bipolar disorder

In this hour-long webinar hear about living well with bipolar disorder from a clinical expert, Dr Declan Lyons (Consultant Clinical Psychiatrist & Clinical Associate Professor) alongside Rick and Sinead sharing their personal experiences of bipolar disorder. They are joined by Dr Claire Hayes, Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Director at Aware.

Blog: Living well with bipolar disorder

“This is why I’ve always been open about my illness. I’m not private about many things, that’s simply how I am most comfortable. When I got my diagnosis of bipolar I knew that if I was secretive about it in environments where I might need flexibility or support, it would be due to my fear of other people’s reactions. I didn’t and don’t want to live with that fear. Bipolar brings enough fear into my life already.”

Sinead shares her personal experience, her openness about her diagnosis and her subsequent relationship with stigma

Blog: Living well with bipolar disorder

“To start, how do we think about bipolar disorder? It is a severe and persistent mood disorder, which can be a confusing and scary. However it is worth remembering that we each have our own personal identity which is not defined by a bipolar disorder diagnosis. While it can be a harsh teacher, it does encourage us to pay diligent attention to our health, our routines, etc.”

This post is a brief overview of some of the highlights from Dr Declan Lyons’ segment on Aware’s webinar above “Living well with bipolar disorder”.

Blog: My Experience of Dysphoric Elation

“When I’m having quite a high dysphoric elation I can appear very withdrawn, slowed down, with little to say. When I do speak, I have difficulty communicating the words I want to use. They do not come to me, or I use the wrong words altogether. When this happens I feel pressure in my head and an inability to think straight. It feels as though I have limited brain power. I find this very frustrating, which often leaves it easier to say nothing at all.”

Read Elaine’s experience of dysphoric elation by clicking below.

Free Support Services

Aware offers a free Support Line, Support Mail and Support _& Self-Care Groups which are available to anyone who experiences bipolar disorder. Full details >>

  • Freephone 1800 80 48 48. Available Mon-Sun, 10am – 10pm.
  • Email Available 7 days, reponse within 24 hours, this is an encrypted service.
  • Groups take place by Phone or on Zoom at moment. Peers share their experience and understanding and offer an exchange of thoughts and techniques around self-care Find out more >>

Supporting a loved one

If you are supporting a loved one who experiences bipolar disorder, Aware’s Support Line and Support Mail above, are available to you. In addition we have some information that can aid you as your support your friend or relative, in addition to a psycho-educational programme designed specifically for those supporting a loved one experiencing depression or bipolar disorder.


Bipolar disorder is a mental health condition which can affect thinking, energy, feelings and behaviour. Bipolar disorder can have a profound impact on every aspect of a person’s life, affecting their relationships, family and work life. 45,000 or 1 in 100 people have a diagnosis of bipolar disorder in Ireland. A correct diagnosis is essential for successful treatment.

It is characterised by periods of low (depressed) or high (elated) mood separated by periods of normal mood. One can lead a healthy and productive life once the illness is effectively treated.

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