Depression & Young People

Depression & Young People

We all feel low at times in our life. We can feel like no-one understands us, that others are putting too much pressure on us or that our friends are more popular or better than us. Depression can be a very physical experience with extreme fatigue in body and mind.

It’s natural to feel bad sometimes, but when we feel like this for weeks at a time with no break, it’s possible that we may have a bout of depression and we need to get help with it.

Learn more about Aware’s free, positive mental health education programmes for young people - Beat the Blues & Life Skills for Schools.

Challenging stigma to improve young people’s mental health - Dr Eilis Hennessy

Can computer games support good mental health in children? - Dr Gary O’Reilly and Conall Tunney


If you would like to do some further reading, please see Aware's Recommended Reading List.


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