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What is depression and how do I recognise it?

“Depression is a common condition, yet many people are unaware of the symptoms and the profound impact it can have on people’s lives. It can be a very isolating and lonely experience.” Dr Claire Hayes, Clinical Director at Aware What

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A developing resilience

Our individual and collective responses to adversity, which we all experience in different ways, is often where resilience emerges from, where it grows. We have had to adapt to so much, both personally and professionally, in the past fifteen months.

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Living with grief

It has been said that “each person’s grief is as unique as their fingerprint” (David Kessler). In my experience, this is so true. In November 2004 my youngest daughter, Marguerite, died. My world was turned upside down. Her death was

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Living openly with bipolar disorder

I feel so fortunate to have been a part of Aware’s webinar on Living Well with Bipolar at the beginning of March. Talking about my own experiences, hopefully in a way that resonates with even one person, helps me to

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Living well with bipolar disorder

To start, how do we think about bipolar disorder? It is a severe and persistent mood disorder, which can be a confusing and scary. However it is worth remembering that we each have our own personal identity which is not defined by

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Day in the life: Working from home

Oh how life has changed in a year. Pre-COVID-19 I would have worked in an office, delivered face to face training and would be out and about, rarely at home. Since working remotely, my routines and practices have changed quite

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