Bipolar: Diagnosis and Recovery

You’ve just been told your diagnosis – bipolar. For some it’s a great relief knowing there is an explanation, a name, for this thing that has you in turmoil for months or possibly years.

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Living Well With Bipolar Disorder Programme

People who live with bipolar disorder are a core constituency of the Aware organisation. Developing and delivering a programme which would support, educate, and inform people to live well with bipolar disorder was a service in need of, and well worth providing.

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Niall’s experience of bipolar disorder

My diagnosis of bipolar disorder type one was received relatively late in my life. I had just turned 42. I knew little about the illness and was more familiar with the term ‘manic depression.’ I was hostile, to put it

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Media portrayal of bipolar disorder

Media portrayal of bipolar disorder Recently in mass media we’ve witnessed great leaps of awareness about relatively common mental-health issues such as depression and anxiety. With that awareness there has been a decline in the negative attitudes that used to

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