Onboarding Training


We are delighted to have you on board as part of the Aware Volunteer Team and we look forward to getting to know you over the coming weeks and months. 

This online programme is designed to provide you with some general context, background and information on Aware, before you embark on your role specific training with your individual service. It is important that you complete all elements before you start your training with your chosen service.

If you have any questions about this online learning section, please email amanda.vaughan@aware.ie

Time Required: 2-3 hours approx

Resources: Headphones, Notebook or Journal

Learning Journal: Much of the work that you will do at Aware involves listening and reflection and we encourage you to make the most of this learning experience by listening and reflecting on the content we shall be covering by using your Learning Journal. This is a space for you to keep a note on your thoughts, observations and any questions as you complete the onboarding programme.

Your Role As An Aware Volunteer

In this short video from Stephen McBride (Director of Services at Aware) you can find out what is expected of you as an Aware Volunteer, not only highlighting the support you will give, but also the support you will receive.

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There is a short quiz after each module where you can test your knowledge.
Please make sure that you complete all four quizzes.

Module 1 (a). Welcome to Aware

In this module you will be provided with an overview of Aware as an organisation, our history, vision, objectives and how we function as a charity.

When you have finished watching the video, please complete the module quiz.

Module 1 (b). Volunteer Learning & Development

In this module you will receive an an overview of how adults learn and in particular our learning approach at Aware.

When you have finished watching the video, please complete the module quiz.

Module 2 (a). What is Mental Health?

In this module we will look at the causes and symptoms of anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder.

Please take a few minutes afterwards to complete the short module quiz.

Video Playlist:
Common Mental Health Conditions

Over the next few weeks, please take a look at the videos on this playlist. They will provide you with rich content about different mental health conditions and will greatly add to your learning and development. We also have a wide selection of videos on mental health in our Information & Resources section on our website.

Module 2 (b). Communication Skills in a Listening Role

In this module we will start learning about the communication skills required in a listening role. We will expand on and practise these skills in the online and face-to-face workshops.

Please take a few minutes afterwards to complete the short module quiz.

Aware Policies & Procedures

Here you will find some helpful policies for volunteers to learn more about Aware.

Additional Resources

In this section you will find some activities and resources that you may find helpful as you start on your learning journey with Aware. You can look at this section in your own time over the coming weeks and months.

Module 3. Self Care in a Listening Role

Short Relaxation Exercises

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