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Life Skills Online Volunteers

Our Life Skills Online Volunteers act as supporters for participants of Life Skills Online, one of Aware’s positive mental health programmes. This programme is based on the principles of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and is designed to equip people with the knowledge and tools to understand their mental health and deal with life challenges.

We are currently seeking Life Skills Online Volunteers

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Aware Volunteers share their experiences

To volunteer on Aware's Life Skills Online, you must be:

  • Over 21 years of age
  • Available for three hours once a week
  • Willing to make a commitment of 18 months
  • Fluent at written and spoken English
  • Comfortable navigating online platforms and have a reliable internet connection
  • A knowledge and understanding of CBT

What is involved?

Each Life Skills Online Volunteer is assigned 6 clients who they support over the course of the 8 week programme.

The Volunteer types up a review message once a week for each client to read through when they log in, based on what the client has shared, where they have spent time in the programme, addressing any questions and pointing to parts of the programme that might be helpful.

It is essential before you apply that you follow these steps:

  1. Inform yourself about Aware and its services, particularly Life Skills Online
  2. Read through the life skills supporter role description
  3. Read Aware’s Volunteer Statement of Commitment and consider it carefully
  4. Only apply for your preferred service. If appropriate, you will be recommended to a different service opportunity during the recruitment process.
  5. We encourage applications from people of all backgrounds and cultures. Read Aware’s Equality and Diversity Policy.
  6. Volunteers are a valuable and vital resource without which Aware could not provide its services. Read Aware’s Volunteer Policy.

Please do not sign up for Life Skills Online to gain an understanding of it, as you will be a taking a valuable place from a member of the public who needs it. As part of your training you will have full access to familiarise yourself with the programme.

We are currently seeking Life Skills Online Volunteers

Please click the link below to apply today
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Aware is proud to have achieved the
Investing in Volunteers Award.

“I, as a volunteer, have gained much from the people that I support, and continue to learn and grow as a person through my experience as a Supporter. The people I support are some of the most brave and courageous people I know. My role with Aware has taught me that whilst we all come from different places, situations, life experiences and circumstances we are, above all, connected and united through our humanity.”

Volunteering at Aware

Things to consider when applying to volunteer for Aware

In the interests of your self care and acknowledging the commitment required for this role please check through this list and consider your availability to commit to the volunteering role before applying.

  • Have you got time to fulfil your commitment to this role?
  • Do you find that you carry others’ concerns with you?
  • Do you volunteer in a similar role with another organisation?
  • Have you recently come through a trauma or bereavement?

Questions that applicants can expect to be asked during phone interviews

  • What do you know about Aware?
  • Can you tell me about the services Aware provides?
  • What is your understanding of depression and bipolar disorder?
  • Are you free to commit to a minimum of 18 months following training?
  • Why do you think your commitment is important to the people who use our services?

If you’re interested in volunteering and have any additional queries, please contact us

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