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Life Skills Online

To volunteer with this education programme you must be over 23 years old. The programme is online so you can volunteer from home however volunteer training takes place in Dublin. If you are traveling from outside Dublin to attend training Aware will reimburse your travel expenses up to a limited amount.

The volunteer commitment for this programme involves 12 hours of induction training in Dublin as well as additional induction training online - familiarising yourself with the Life Skills Progamme content and navigation. You will also be required to participate in follow-up training throughout the year to keep your skills up-to-date. The weekly commitment for each 8 week programme is 3 hours.

It is essential before you apply that you:

  1. Read Aware’s Volunteer Statement of Commitment and consider it carefully
  2. Read through the life skills supporter role description
  3. Inform yourself about Aware and its services prior to applying, as this will be discussed in detail in the interview for each role
  4. Only apply for your preferred service. If appropriate, you will be recommended to a different service opportunity during the recruitment process.

We will be accepting applications for new volunteers on 2 July, with training starting in September 2018.
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At Aware we believe equality and diversity are central to our success in delivering services that are accessible and appropriate to all who can benefit from them. We encourage applications from people of all backgrounds and cultures.

Things to consider when applying for a volunteer role with Aware services. 

In the interests of your self care and acknowledging the commitment required for this role please check through this list and consider your availability to commit to the volunteering role before applying.

Questions that applicants can expect to be asked during phone interviews.

Further information about Life Skills Online - what it is, how it works and what to expect


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