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Volunteer recruitment is now open for our Dublin-based LoCall helpline listening service currently supported Mon. – Sun. 10am to 10pm. To read more about what’s involved when you volunteer for the Helpline view our document Helpline Volunteer Role. If you are interested in volunteering with this service please complete the online application form by clicking on the ‘Apply Now’ button
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Criteria for applying to volunteer with Aware Services.

  • Over 23
  • Length of commitment 18 months minimum.
  • Fluent English
  • Available 3 hours minimum a week
  • Attendance at all induction training (max of 21 hours) and all observations
  • Attendance at all ongoing training or meetings
  • Practising counsellors and psychiatric nurses are not eligible to apply
  • Two references & Garda clearance

Please view Aware’s Volunteer Statement of Commitment and consider this information carefully belore you apply to volunteer with Aware support services.

It is essential that you read through the role description and inform yourself about Aware and its services prior to applying as this will be discussed in detail in the interview for this role.

Things to consider when applying for a volunteer role with Aware services.

In the interests of your self care and acknowledging the commitment required for this role please check through this list and consider your availability to commit to the volunteering role before

  • Do you work full-time?
  • Will taking on this role adversely affect your close relationships?
  • Have you recently come through a trauma or bereavement?
  • Will taking on this role adversely affect your day-to-day life?
  • Do you find that you carry others’ concerns with you?
  • Do you have your own transport or access to public transport?
  • Do you volunteer in a similar role with another organisation?
  • If you are applying for the Support Group Facilitator role, are you sure you are available on the day and time the meeting takes place in your preferred location?

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