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Solace Café Volunteers

In line with Sharing the Vision: A Mental Health Policy for Everyone, HSE National Mental Health is piloting the implementation of Crisis Resolution Teams and out of hours ‘Solace Cafés’.

Solace Cafés will provide an out-of-hours friendly and supportive community crisis prevention and crisis response service in the evenings and at weekends in a safe, café style, non-clinical environment. The Solace Café will support individuals and their family members / carers to deal with an immediate crisis and to plan safely to manage their mental health and wellbeing. 

Attendees can access coping strategies, one to one peer support, psychosocial and recovery supports provided by paid core staff, assisted by a team of appropriately trained volunteers, working on a pro-rata basis. Those who attend will be signposted to relevant mental health and well-being services and community supports as required. The Solace Café Volunteer role is a fantastic opportunity to be part of a new and innovative service, providing a great opportunity to someone who wishes to progress to a career in health or social care.

You can find the full Solace Café Volunteer role description below. 

We are currently seeking Solace Café Volunteers.

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