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Five Easy Actions to Improve your Mood

We can all experience days where we’re not feeling our best. Here are five simple things you can do each day to help improve your mood.

1. Eat Breakfast

Consider starting your day right with a good breakfast. This will minimise the need for snacking and coffee throughout the morning, as well as getting your digestive system off to a good start.
For example, you could try eating a bowl of porridge each morning. Keep it interesting by adding in different fruit – a chopped banana, fresh raspberries or honey. It will help you kick off your day the right way.

2. Light Exercise

You don’t need to hit the gym hard or go for a run if you don’t want to. You can make some small substitutes to your daily routine. Do you commute to work? Perhaps you could get off the bus or train one stop earlier to get in a walk every morning or evening? Do you sometimes drive to places nearby? Could you walk there instead on some occasions? Perhaps your building has a lift in it - consider taking the stairs instead.
You can incorporate more movement into your day without it taking up too much time. It does not need to be strenuous training, you do not need to spend money on it, it’s just important to keep moving.

3. Music

If you sometimes find you can’t get “out of your own head”, don’t sit in silence. Consider listening to some music. There are so many options between streaming platforms, radio and CD’s, the options are endless. You could make a playlist of your favourite songs to listen to and put it on while you do chores, while you commute or while you’re sitting around. Upbeat music can in turn help you feel upbeat and offer a welcome distraction.

4. Act of Kindness

Have you considered doing something nice for someone else. You’ll get back more than you give. Even a small gesture is enough. For example, spending time with a family member, sending a friend a thank you note for being your friend, helping a neighbour out by walking their dog (and that will also contribute to your exercise!).
No grand gestures needed. A small act of kindness each day not only spreads happiness around you, but you get it back and more!

5. Take a Moment

At least once each day try to take a moment to really take in the world around you: Listen to the birds sing, watch how the sun splits through the clouds, listen to the rain. It’s something we can easily incorporate into our day without taking up too much time. The world we live in can be an inspiring place. We seldom stop, step back and take a moment to absorb it.

Making small changes to our daily behaviour can have a big effect on how we feel each day, each week, each month. Why not try incorporating each step into your routine this week.

To help keep track of how you’re feeling, you could maintain a Mood Diary. It not only helps you track how you’re feeling, but also helps identify what actions work best for you.

By Bríd O’Meara, Director of Services, Aware.


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