May lecture now available online

Month: May 2015
Speaker: Dr Tony Bates, Clinical Psychologist and Author
Topic: Young people in search of mental health
Summary: Dr Tony Bates talks about

  • Why he is now working with young people aged 12-25.
  • Why Headstrong was set up to support young people.
  • Headstrong research findings: the availability or absence of one good adult is a key indicator when assessing ability to cope or risk of suicidal behaviour in young people.
  • Accessing child services in Ireland
  • Labels – problematic yet a requirement for treatment
  • Jigsaw projects and portals
  • The experience of young people who access Jigsaw projects

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  1. Mick

    I really like Dr Tony Bates and he always gives a very good lecture, I went to one of his lectures and it was a great lecture. He was so kind to work an article for my magazine “Creative Writers” about mental health



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